Princes Highway Intersections


Princes Highway, Werribee, corner Hoppers Lane and Sneydes Road, for Vic Roads  – this project involved the widening and traffic signalisation of two separate intersections along the Princes Highway in Werribee. The first intersection, with Hoppers Lane, involved the widening of the intersection and all new traffic signals to replace the existing system. This also required service relocating, major drainage works and new pavement and kerb and channel to enable the intersection to function better with a busy railway line running parallel and allow a better throughput of traffic. The second intersection with Sneydes Road required a new traffic signal setup, widening of the intersection, new lighting and kerbs and pavement. The intersection modifications allowed a better throughput of traffic into and out of Werribee. This project achieved practical completion in February 2016.

Client: Vic Roads

Date of completion: February 2016